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We are tier 1 local UK provided.


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Our focus is high quality and client-oriented service.

How we develop and founded our company

We started ELI UK aiming to assist FCA-regulated companies to go great guns.

Having a broad experience as FCA compliance consultants, we put our regulatory knowledge and investment sector expertise to good use, offering a plethora of expert solutions that are comprehensive, useful, and always workable.

ELI UK was working as a dedicated consulting company for a decade and used to serve multiple clients. ELI UK is happy to assist you with any services basing on the main focus on delivering pragmatic advice to small and medium-sized enterprises operating in the financial services domain.

Our company is committed to assisting you in staying in line with your regulatory obligations and, most essentially, thriving.

Why choose us?

The team of Eli-UK possesses vast experience with over a century of combined industry experience in company setup and secretarial services. We understand that the most important aspect of any business is the team behind it that makes the difference. The people behind our company have been delivering innovative services to international clients for many years. Our main purpose is to bring you the best cost-effective service quickly to assist you in facing and solving the challenges you may encounter in your business environment.

If you’d like to reach out today, you can contact us here. Also, you can find a lot of information about company formation and related services by browsing our website.

Our main tasks

Qualified consulting

Our team has a substantial experience in the legal advisory and financial spheres, our specialists are very happy to asisst you.

Optimal advices

Our services are client-oriented, therfore we are always looking to provide our clients with the best options applicable for their requirements.

Ongoing support

Secretarial services are also one of our main courses, we have a decade of experience in this and ready to provide our clients with competetive conditions and the best service.

Frequently asked questions

  • This is any of the below-mentioned legal entities carrying out payment activities and related operations:

    • Authοrized payment institutions (AEMI);
    • Small payment institutions (SPI);
    • Credit unions;
    • E-money institutions (EMI);
    • Retail post office company in the United Kingdom;
    • The Bank of England; and
    • Government organizations, other than when doing public functions.
  • After being approved by any EU Financial Authority, PI can provide the range of belowlisted operations:

    • Placement made by cash or electronic transfer;
    • Converting the account holdings into cash;
    • Payments, including crossborder bank-to-bank funds transfers;
    • Payments in which funds are included in LOC: direct debit, payments carried out a payment card or a similar tool; credit transferring, etc.;
    • Remittances, etc.
  • The main contrast between these approvals is that only E-Money Institutions can provide digital currency or e-wallet or other device. EMI can deliver all the services an API is authorized to offer. 

  • Though there are some similar features between virtual currency and electronic funds, crypto assets are not deemed electronic funds. While e-funds are applied for operations with government-issued and regulated monetary units such as USD and EUR, cryptocurrency is a virtual currency that has no fiat equivalent. If you wish to offer cryptocurrency exchange and cryptowallets, you may be mindful of acquiring a separate authorization.

  • You can become a SPI license holder, if you meet the following criteria:

    • Overall payments as per month in the previous year must not be over 3,000,000 EUR.
    • If you have not been offering services of transactional nature, or have been delivering them for less than one year, forecasted total monthly payment transactions must not be over 3,000,000 EUR.
    • Employees must not have been accused of illegitimate turnover of funds and the transfer of funds to terrorists;
  • The main difference between an API and SPI license is an average monthly turnover in payments.

    If it is under 3,000,000EUR, you can start operation as a SPI. If it exceeds this amount, then you will have to apply as an API.

  • You can acquire a SEMI license, if you meet the following criteria:

    • Proof that when you launch your business, your e-funds business will generate a median number of liabilities regarding e-funds of lesser than 5,000,000EUR.
    • Proof that, in one year preceding the application, the average of payments as per one month was not over 5,000,000EUR.
    • An overlook of how you will safeguard the funds of clientele.
    • Capital obligations must be fulfilled.
    • The max. storage sum on the client payment platform where the e-money is stored must not be over 250EUR.
    • When the business operations of the EMI bring average οutstanding e-funds less than 1,000,000EUR, it shall hold holdings (as a contributed capital) of at min. 50,000EUR. If the sum is over, the institution shall hold initial capital of at least 100,000EUR.
  • The main contrast between these approvals is a volume of payments circulation.

    If your monthly turnover transactions are less than 5,000,000 EUR, you can become a small electronic money institution. If your monthly transaction amount exceeds this, then you will have to apply as an EMI.