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Ready-made company in UK

In the heart of the UK, commonly known as Great Britain (GB), the business landscape is ever-evolving. For businessmens and investors seeking to embark on their business journey swiftly and seamlessly, the concept of obtaining a ready-made company shines as a beacon of opportunities. In this article, we will delve into the intricacies of purchasing…

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Open a bank-account in UK

Opening a bank-account in the UK is a straightforward operation, especially if you are well-prepared and familiar with the demands and procedures. Whether you are a UK resident, an international student, or a non-resident looking to establish a financial foothold, having a bank-account is essential for managing your finances efficiently. How to open a bank-account…

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Company formation in UK

How we can help you and what the service includes When you establish a company in the United Kingdom, you become liable for many obligations and it is always better to take advice from professionals as to the finest way an entity should be established and operated. This is an overview of the main terms…

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FCA licensing

The quick emergence of new niches in the market of finances, such as BaaS has resulted in the development of new directions in Fintech. New alternative banking is getting more and more popular with the use of digital currencies which are grounded on blockchains.

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Tax optimization in the UK

A group of scientists led by University College London has created AI algorithms that is able to find brain abnormalities anomaly in people that have a diagnosis of epilepsy. This approach was implemented in the frames of the MELD program: to create an algorithm, more than a thousand MRI images from twenty-two brain-disorders treatment institutions…

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Eli-UK is an independent, newly-established law firm, keeps in pace with the changes and updates of the regulatory framework in its practice areas and has positive attitude toward new technology trends. We support our medium-sized clients with a comprehensive financial and legal advice, consolidate their position as auditors vis-à-vis authorities and enhance their management skills, for example in corporate finance.

The client-oriented approach is the key value of Eli-UK’sd philosophy: our firm is committed to bettering its excellent performance and service provision, relying on steady client feedback and newest standards in the legal industry.

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  • In the realm of digital finance, the choice of jurisdiction plays a pivotal role in shaping the trajectory of an entity. Among the myriad options available, the Isle of Man distinguishes itself as a pillar of reliability, resilience, and transparency, providing persuasive incentives for businesses to contemplate it as the prime location for initiating and…

  • Renowned for its pivotal role in the ever-evolving realm of digital finance, the Isle of Man consistently emerges as a leader. Despite its established standing in the cryptocurrency sector, gaining a nuanced understanding of its regulatory framework is paramount. This in-depth overview aims to untangle intricacies by addressing common questions and delving into the relevant…

  • As a high earner in the United Kingdom, you’re no stranger to paying substantial taxes. However, the good news is that there are legal and effective plans available to assist you decrease your tax liability. In this article, we will explore ten methods for high earners to lower their tax bill in the UK while…

Frequently asked questions

  • This is any of the below-mentioned legal entities carrying out payment activities and related operations:

    • Authοrized payment institutions (AEMI);
    • Small payment institutions (SPI);
    • Credit unions;
    • E-money institutions (EMI);
    • Retail post office company in the United Kingdom;
    • The Bank of England; and
    • Government organizations, other than when doing public functions.
  • After being approved by any EU Financial Authority, PI can provide the range of belowlisted operations:

    • Placement made by cash or electronic transfer;
    • Converting the account holdings into cash;
    • Payments, including crossborder bank-to-bank funds transfers;
    • Payments in which funds are included in LOC: direct debit, payments carried out a payment card or a similar tool; credit transferring, etc.;
    • Remittances, etc.
  • The main contrast between these approvals is that only E-Money Institutions can provide digital currency or e-wallet or other device. EMI can deliver all the services an API is authorized to offer. 

  • Though there are some similar features between virtual currency and electronic funds, crypto assets are not deemed electronic funds. While e-funds are applied for operations with government-issued and regulated monetary units such as USD and EUR, cryptocurrency is a virtual currency that has no fiat equivalent. If you wish to offer cryptocurrency exchange and cryptowallets, you may be mindful of acquiring a separate authorization.

  • You can become a SPI license holder, if you meet the following criteria:

    • Overall payments as per month in the previous year must not be over 3,000,000 EUR.
    • If you have not been offering services of transactional nature, or have been delivering them for less than one year, forecasted total monthly payment transactions must not be over 3,000,000 EUR.
    • Employees must not have been accused of illegitimate turnover of funds and the transfer of funds to terrorists;
  • The main difference between an API and SPI license is an average monthly turnover in payments.

    If it is under 3,000,000EUR, you can start operation as a SPI. If it exceeds this amount, then you will have to apply as an API.

  • You can acquire a SEMI license, if you meet the following criteria:

    • Proof that when you launch your business, your e-funds business will generate a median number of liabilities regarding e-funds of lesser than 5,000,000EUR.
    • Proof that, in one year preceding the application, the average of payments as per one month was not over 5,000,000EUR.
    • An overlook of how you will safeguard the funds of clientele.
    • Capital obligations must be fulfilled.
    • The max. storage sum on the client payment platform where the e-money is stored must not be over 250EUR.
    • When the business operations of the EMI bring average οutstanding e-funds less than 1,000,000EUR, it shall hold holdings (as a contributed capital) of at min. 50,000EUR. If the sum is over, the institution shall hold initial capital of at least 100,000EUR.
  • The main contrast between these approvals is a volume of payments circulation.

    If your monthly turnover transactions are less than 5,000,000 EUR, you can become a small electronic money institution. If your monthly transaction amount exceeds this, then you will have to apply as an EMI.