Difference between SPI and API in the UK

October 17, 2022
Difference between SPI and API in the UK

A business in the UK can become a licensed API or SPI. Understanding these distinctions is crucial since they may influence company tactics and achievements. So, in this article, you can compare SPI vs API License (UK).

API Compliance in the UK

A business may propose remittance services throughout every European Economic Area state after it has received API authorization. Relying on the expected payment activity, the first capital needed asset is between € 20,000 and 125,000.

  • Having a real headquarter in Britain or a European nation is one of the primary prerequisites for API licensing, in complement to the required capital.
  • to hire personnel in the UK or the applicant countries in Europe.
  • To prove that the company have appropriate data technology systems to operate.
  • to create a business in the UK.

SPI License in the UK

Institution for Small Payments permission could not services connected with providing payments outside of the United Kingdom or the European Economic Area and is exempt from having to fulfil a minimum amount of capital.

Choosing a permit relies on a company’s development plan. Obtaining specialized assistance can assist in making sure the permit request is successful and submitted on time.

The services can be offered with SPI approval:

  • allowing money to be deposited into a payment account and all activities essential to run an account;
  • making it possible to withdraw money in banknotes from an account and perform every action necessary to run it;
  • the implementation of remittances, considering transfers of money from users’ payment providers to different ones, considering the implementation and operation of debits; the implementation of money transfers using credit cards or other equivalent technology; the implementation of credit transactions;

Also, Small Payment Institution in the UK promotes:

  • ​carrying out financial operations for a customer of a payment system where the assets are limited by LOC, considering the carrying out of debits; the carrying out of money transfers using credit cards or other equivalent technology; the carrying out of credit dealings;
  • generating financial dealings or transaction tools.

Our team of lawyers can assist you in selecting SPI License or API License in the UK. Everything that you need to do is contact us.

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