How to get a credit licence in the UK

October 17, 2022
How to get a credit licence in the UK

What is a consumer credit licence in the UK? It is certainly necessary if you’re thinking about providing or arranging to finance. Among the companies that need a consumer credit licence are credit brokers (who connect financial requests to lenders), lenders, pawn brokers, and services related to debts such as counselling and collection.

Enterprise Strategy

Your business strategy should be included in your request for a Consumer Credit Licence in the United Kingdom since the regulator will need to know it. As a result, you will have to supply data in a variety of categories for your permit requests. You must describe your company’s operations and the reasons the consumer credit licence is essential. You must include data about your clients, how you plan to get new clients, and your marketing tactics. You must provide the experience and qualifications of your team and supervisors, too.

To summarise, you must provide the next info in your request:

  • a description of your company, its history, and what it does;
  • corporate goals, such as opportunities and targets;
  • your target market and marketing plan;
  • information on your key personnel, including background and experience;
  • how you’ll keep an eye on compliance;
  • provide information on the hazards you’ve discovered and how you’ll handle them.

Determine if you need permission with full or limited

The kind of trade you want to offer will determine if you need a full or restricted authorization permit.

The permit with restrictions

Such a type of licensing application procedure is quicker and costs less. You need restricted authorization if you want to offer any of the next:

  • the hiring of clients;
  • being a credit-broker, which has the prior activity in the sale of products or nonfinancial services, and in a supplementary activity intended to assist in obtaining financing for the buy of such products or services;
  • being a credit-broker in advisory services for consumer hiring or hire purchase contracts;
  • lending if the principal activity is the selling of products or non-financial services;
  • local government financing for client credit;
  • nonprofit organisations delivering debt counselling.

Full permission

You need full authority client credit permission if you want to perform any of the next services:

  • being a credit-broker, the primary line of work in which is to connect clients with lenders;
  • being a credit-broker, in which a client’s residence is used to conduct a sale of products or services;
  • managing debts and collecting them;
  • counselling and debt readjusting for businesses with debt;
  • supplying services for financial data;
  • supplying references for credits;
  • using a digital appliance.

Organize all the necessary paperwork and send your request

You have to supply particular paperwork with your request as part of it. To deal with Consumer Credit Licence in the UK, contact our team of attorneys. We can provide you with the needed help and assist in documentation gathering.

The next stage is to send your finished application using Connect, the FCA online platform. You must register on it and attach your supporting documentation. After doing this, you will be required to pay the registration cost before submitting your request. You will get a letter from the FCA verifying the submission of your request.

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