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August 4, 2023
Want to obtain license Claim your complimentary consultation

Our Services

Project Management

We offer comprehensive support and guidance throughout the method of obtaining your EMI license, including assistance with setting up a new company in the UK. During the application procedure, our team member will be present to help guide you through the interview with the FCA.

The request procedure is well-organized, and upon submission of the license request, the FCA typically acknowledges it within five business days. A dedicated case officer will then assess the information provided and make a decision.

Accountant Services

Our accountant services cover a wide range of tasks, such as dealing with regulators, company secretaries, companies registry, tax authorities, notaries, auditors, accountants, copy shops, courier services, and banks. We handle everything that needs to be done locally for clients who don’t have staff on-site. From certifications and notarizations to approvals and submissions, we take care of all organizational tasks so that you can focus on the operational side of your business.

Conformity Support

We provide comprehensive conformity support, including designing or upgrading policies, methods, questionnaires, and forms to meet adjustment requirements. Our services also encompass client onboarding, AML and KYC checks, communication with regulators during inspections and investigations, post-inspection remediation, ad hoc conformity advice, regular conformity reviews, personalized one-to-one training, and handling all correspondence and statutory filings with regulators.

External Conformity Review

For independent testing of your company’s AML systems and controls, we offer an external Conformity Review. This includes reviewing your AML conformity program, policies, and procedures, conducting interviews with relevant personnel, and providing a detailed report with observations and recommendations.

External Conformity Audit

Our Conformity Audit goes beyond the External Conformity Review and involves an extensive examination to identify procedural gaps and rectify them before the regulatory inspection takes place. We evaluate past AML-related reports and findings, review STRs filings, assess training activities, test KYC and client onboarding controls, and conduct transaction testing and review. The final report summarizes the review’s findings and includes recommendations.

Conformity Programme (Upgrades & New)

To meet both UK and international standards, you need a conformity programme. We can help you create a new conformity programme from scratch or upgrade your existing one. Before opting for an upgrade, we recommend conducting a gap analysis to determine the best course of action.

Risk Assessment

Our independent risk assessment evaluates your internal controls, covering aspects such as the control environment, AML/CFT controls and mechanisms, cybersecurity risk analysis, information and communication, monitoring activities, and antifraud measures.

Bank Site Visit Support

For clients seeking to open accounts with banks, the efficiency of their AML/CFT conformity system is crucial. We offer support during initial meetings with account opening banks and assist during ongoing inspections to demonstrate the effectiveness of your conformity control systems and address any queries raised by the bank during onsite visits.

CO / MLRO Outsourcing

We can provide the Conformity Officer (CO) and MLRO (Money Laundering Reporting Officer) function for your EMI. This role ensures that your company complies with regulatory and legal requirements, as well as internal policies and bylaws. Our responsibilities include customer onboarding, risk assessment, ongoing monitoring, data management, transaction monitoring, detection of unusual/suspicious activities, communication with regulatory authorities, filing STRs, AML/CTF conformity training, and development/updating of AML/CTF related policies and procedures.

Our Process

We believe in close collaboration with all stakeholders to assure a seamless service knowledge. The procedure to obtain your license involves six essential steps, spread over a period of six months, with only one day of your own time required for an interview in the UK.

Initial Conversation

In this phase, we engage in a detailed discussion covering your motivations, the entire process, timeline, costs, and any questions you may have.

Setup Consultation

We assist you in setting up your UK company incorporation, providing all needed guidance.

Application Strategy

Together, we develop a strategic plan for your license application.

Company Setup

This step involves conducting a thorough company name search and supplying the required ID documentation for incorporation.

License Application

We meticulously prepare and revise all request forms, conduct Management Control Interviews, and review and complete manuals for conformity program analysis.

Interview in the UK

Depending on FCA demands, you may need to meet with your assigned case officer.

Document Verification

We handle the verification of papers and assure proper payment processing.

Formal Application Signature and Fit and Proper Status Check

We assist with the formal request signature and perform a fit and proper status check.

Application Decision

We submit your FCA request and supply any supplementary information needed. The FCA typically makes a determination within three months if all information and evidence are provided or within 12 months for incomplete requests.

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